7.5ft Slender Flocked Pine Christmas Tree with 350 LED Lights

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White Christmas Tree

This product tree creates a unique wintery feel, it will be an eye-catching addition to any room during the Christmas holidays. Illuminate your decor by adding a festive ambiance to your surroundings with this lighted artificial Christmas tree. The white Christmas tree ambient glow from these luminaries is sure to create the mood for celebrating the season. Place it in your favorite spot and garner good compliments from everyone who glances.Β 

White Christmas Tree

Our white Christmas Tree will bring a wonderful Christmas celebrating atmosphere to your room. With simple white color and staggered branch tips. This tree is guaranteed to be an eye-catcher in any place to bring romantic atmosphere. The tree is made of crush resistant PVC needles, appears fresh-cut. Besides, wonderful white color increases the attractiveness of this Christmas tree and makes it blend perfectly into the all scenes and will add a touch of nature and strong festive vibe. Such a great tree can be an excellent complements in various rooms!

White Christmas Tree

Bring the magic of Christmas to your home with our Artificial White PVC Christmas Tree. Available in 5, 6, 7, or 8 feet, this tree comes crush-resistant PVC needles that provide a fresh-cut look. Its simple white color and staggered branch tips create a romantic atmosphere that is perfect for both indoor and outdoor decoration. The tree comes in 2 sections, making it easy to set up and store in the included durable metal stand. Tie your favorite ornaments to the branches and enjoy a classically elegant statement of Christmas cheer all season long.

White Christmas Tree

Make the holiday season bright and wonderful! This decorative tree helps provide a classic Christmas feel for your holiday season! The high-quality design of this tree’s branches makes for a full shape that simulates the real thing! Hundreds of branch tips and pre-strung lights help complete the scene. The PVC is flame-retardant and easy to fluff, while the sturdy base provides a reliable metal stand for your tree. The assembly comes together with three easy steps: Step 1 Connect the base to Part A, step 2 Attach the remaining sections, and step 3 Fluff tree for 15-90 mins for great shape. No matter your holiday decor, subtly colored wires combined with strong branches for decorations complete the spectacle in any setting.!
  • Tree Stand
  • Lights


  • Tips count a total of 447 tips, 333 pine needles, and 114 PVC tips on this version.
  • Light count: 350 LED bulbs on this version
  • Pre-lit 350 warm white LED light bulbs
  • The natural appearance looks realistic and fits beautifully in both large and small spaces.
  • Elegant pencil pine without taking much space
  • Heavy flocked artificial 3D pine needles, pre-lit 350 warm white LED light bulbs, and 447 tips, create a fragrant Christmas atmosphere.
  • Hinged construction, shape the tree by fluffing out the branches and tips.


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