7.5ft. Pre-Lit Laurel Pine Artificial Christmas Tree, Multicolor Twinklyโ„ข LED Lights



Home Depot Live Christmas Trees

To give your home that holiday smell and classic look, find a real Christmas tree that looks beautiful in your living room. We offer gorgeous fresh-cut trees you’ll love to decorate and enjoy with your family. In fact, we can deliver them right to your door. Start by choosing a tree that’s the height you like, then narrow down by tree type and color. Find the Christmas tree type that makes you happy. There’s no wrong way to choose. Home Depot Live Christmas Trees


Christmas Tree Height: The most important consideration when shopping for real Christmas trees is height. Measure your ceiling and the area where you’d like your tree. Remember, a tall tree will have a bigger base, so make sure it’ll fit in the room. Subtract enough space from your ceiling height to fit theย Christmas tree topperย with room to spare, and that’s your maximum tree height.

Home Depot Live Christmas Trees

Tree Type: Many conifer trees make for excellent real Christmas trees. However, they vary in height, longevity, scent, and needle retention. Different trees are available in different parts in the country, and popular trees likeย Fraser firsย might not be available everywhere. We carry trees that are grown locally, so you’ll have fresh trees to enjoy. Some trees, like the Eastern white pine, have a subtle scent, while others, including theย grand fir, have a strong fragrance.


Christmas Tree Color: Choose from fir,ย spruce, and pine trees in many shades of green and several shapes. Firs are often a brighter green than other trees, while most spruces have a bluer or grayer tinge to their green, giving it a dusty color.ย Pine treesย come in a strong forest green, as do Norway spruces. Some trees are triangle-shaped and pointy on top, while others are more rounded.


Although a real Christmas tree that’s cut can last 4-6 weeks, live Christmas trees with root systems should ideally be kept indoors for only 3-10 days. Whether your tree has intact roots or not, be sure to keep it watered. Just like people, trees need to be hydrated. It’ll keep your tree looking vibrant and healthy as long as possible. Please recycle your tree into mulch after you’re done with it or replant it outdoors for years of beauty.

Tree style:

  • Carton #182
  • Medium Laurel pine
  • 3,667 tips
  • PVC, plastic and hard needle


  • 7.5 ft. (2.3 m) height
  • 52″ (132 cm) diameter

Lighting Information:

  • Multicolor
  • 435 Twinkly LED lights
  • UL listed


  • Flame retardant
  • 3-piece assembly
  • Easy to shape branches
  • Quick Set
  • Recommended for indoor use only
  • Metal stand included
  • 5 year warranty for tree / 2 year warranty for lights


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